OTM Int’l Sets Goal to Pioneer 14 Countries towards Christmas

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As the ministry approaches the Christmas season, a big focus is on bringing the good news about Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation that comes through the message of the birth, life, and death of Jesus. Therefore, a goal has been set up to pioneer 14 new countries and thus expand the global network.

By setting up 14 more chapters, especially those that are part of the G20 countries, the ministry will begin to plant the seed of the gospel in the hearts of the teenagers who live in those regions. The continents included in this goal are Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.

Moreover, the goal will be met through the continental headquarters staff who will work diligently to recruit and establish leaders and volunteers in each of the countries.

OTM prays that through this goal, God will work greatly and many beautiful results will come out through this Christmas season. May numerous teenagers from around the globe come to witness Jesus Christ in their lives and meet their Savior.