OTM Mongolia Holds BBS Through Active Friendship Evangelism

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Mongolia Bible students Zaya and Yesugen brought their friend, Enkhjin, to Bible study. Zaya and Yesugen studied Romans 1 and have had the opportunity to study the Bible every day. On the other hand, their friend, newcomer Enkhjin, a 13-year-old, has never been to a church before and is attending for the first time. Together, the three studied Romans 2 with very open heart.

Enkhjin, the newcomer, shared, “I understand that I have to be honest about everything. I also have to believe in God with a sincere heart.”

Yesugen, a Bible student, said, “I understand that I can’t judge. I often judge my friends and others. I want to stop doing that from now on. I also want to continue studying with my friends. I feel more and more holy when I come to church,” she shared. 

They scheduled for Bible study the next day. Thank God that is opening new doors for OTM Mongolia, and thank Him for these precious teens that want to hear the Word. Please pray that they continue to walk the path of faith with perseverance until the end.