OTM Intl Holds First Membership Training Successfully

On February 26, Olivet Teen Mission International held its first monthly membership training for members internationally. It was a time that OTM members could unite more closely together through the Word of God and receive practical guidance on living out their faith.

From this year, OTM has brainstormed ways for new members to grow in their faith as well as unite together. Through gathering together online, teen members gained encouragement through witnessing others their age also following God.

The monthly membership training will be a time for teens to delve deeper into foundational Bible studies. In this first gathering, the topics of Creation and Fall were explained more deeply. Teenagers could meditate more on the necessity of responding to God’s love and spreading it to others. Through looking at the Fall, they could study more how Satan tempts them and how to overcome the deeply rooted arrogance in man.

After the 2 Bible studies, OTM members had a short activity on Bible trivia and then talked about teaching and evangelizing. Many teens nowadays have a passion for evangelism and teaching their friends the Word of God. This lecture allowed them to look at the preciousness of teaching and the command that Jesus gave to each Christian in the Great Commission. OTM members could receive practical guidance on how to live it out in their lives to evangelize and teach their friends.

Lastly, teens were asked to think and pray for new ways to evangelize their peers and to help teens grow in their faith in the Lord.

May God use these gatherings to strengthen and unite all OTM members that they may be raised from a young age to be devoted to God’s Kingdom.