OTM Intl Chapters to Keep Eyes on Goal, Prepare Retreats

Leadership Gathering, News |

On March 18, Olivet Teen Mission International chapters gathered to share reports and receive direction. It was a time that chapters could receive more specific guidance according to their situation.

The meeting started looking at the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 9. Volunteers and leaders of OTM were reminded to undergo strict training in order to save numerous souls. Distractions can easily come, so chapters ought to keep their eyes on the goals by constantly challenging themselves to improve themselves in order that many souls can be saved.

Next, chapters were again reminded of the March and Easter goals, especially by region. They were encouraged that although it looks impossible, God makes all things possible, so each volunteer and leader ought to set up absolute faith and work wholeheartedly to see these goals being realized.

Lastly, each chapter had a time of reporting. Most chapters have expressed plans for retreats as well. They were encouraged to continue to hold regular programs for their members to invite their friends and as a way for discipleship. 

OTM international continues to look towards expanding and growing worldwide towards Easter. May God strengthen each chapter with the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize numerous teens this month and towards Easter.