Local Chapters Anticipate with Hope this Year’s Christmas Retreats

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Since the beginning of November, all chapters have begun preparations for this year’s Christmas retreat with expectant and anticipated hearts to bring the hope of Christ to numerous teens around the world.

Christmas is known to be a very special season in the life of Christians as one celebrates the birth of Christ. Holding retreats in youth ministries is essential for the spiritual growth of teens as well as for their unity with God and others as they commemorate such a unique event in the history of the world.

Local chapters are therefore going with strength and power into making all the preparations to hold unforgettable retreats that will help teens come close to God and many who don’t even know Christ come to meet him for the first time.

In Asia Pacific the chapters in Korea and Japan plan to hold their retreats December 23rd to the 25th while chapters like Mongolia, Macau, and Hong Kong will gather teens on Christmas day. In Africa, teenagers will meet earlier in the month on the dates of December 17th to the 19th with the theme “Love your Neighbor as Yourself.”

North America chapters in the cities of New York, Washington DC, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Francisco will also hold Christmas retreats during the 23rd to the 25th where teens will come to meet Christ more deeply. In Europe and Latin America the teens will join the church services together with adults while also participating through special performances.

May God use this season powerfully in the lives of teens as current OTM members and newcomers join together to celebrate Christmas.