Global Online Efforts Increase to Reach Teens

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Teen Mission

Worldwide chapters of Olivet Teen Mission, but also churches of Olivet Assembly increase efforts to reach teens through online channels. OTM leaders are actively planning and exploring methods of online outreach towards Pentecost during this time of the pandemic.

For OTM, in May, each chapter made specific goals towards online evangelism but also set up a strategy to be applied in their respective regions. The dream is to open mass evangelism through these methods. Most chapters apply social media as their way of outreach, such as Facebook or Instagram to create firm platforms in the beginning that can reach many teens. Thus, most effort is put in reaching a high amount of followers to reach more and to establish a strong online presence, through daily activity and interactive posts. 

Olivet churches are also exploring the potential of teen mission through online methods. In Africa, more leaders set up a social media site for OTM to interact with local teens that are already attending some programs or to reach out to more. In Southeast Asia, ministers pursue the growth of their Teen Mission, through aggressive online promotion and outreach. Additionally, more teen Bible studies take place, giving hope for a revival.

OTM HQ will focus from June intensely on its international efforts to evangelize online through social media to pioneer G20 countries. As more leaders are set up before the second half of the year, more efforts will be made to evangelize online by these leaders. 

More and more teens are online during this time of pandemic looking for hope, comfort, and a sense of purpose. OTM chapters ought to use this time to reach them and give them hope of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.