Gathering Many Teens through OTM Programs, Igniting Fire of Holy Spirit

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) has talked about holding many programs and activities for the teens. Through having many events, it will be easier to gather teens together with the members. The goal is to gather teens to all the chapters quickly. There are many teens in this world; they must all hear the Word of God and be the true light of the world.

OTM truly desires to gather more teens. In gathering, there is this power of the Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus’ disciples gathered in one place and received the Holy Spirit, OTM desires to gather many teens and have many Bible Studies and activities with them. Chapters should think about gathering more teens through holding regular programs to raise their spiritual level. These programs can be weekly gatherings, monthly retreats, or activities that teens like to do.

Through inviting teens to many Bible Studies and retreats, they will deeply understand the Word of God. When teens study the Word diligently, they can later be set up as leaders for the chapters. These teens can later invite their friends to Bible Studies; it is truly important for chapters to gather many teens well.

May the Holy Spirit ignite all our hearts to work for the Kingdom of God. Let every work that we do be used for the Kingdom of God. May the Holy Spirit be upon our community and lead us till the very end.