Continuing Friendship Evangelism, OTM Group Bible Studies Primary Strategy of Expansion

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) International suggests chapters to continue focusing on Friendship evangelism. Through using this method of evangelism, teens who were evangelized can bring their own friends to Group Bible Study (GBS), growing in faith together. OTM International encourages the chapters to use this method of evangelism.

Once the chapter sets up a member, they should try to quickly start a GBS. By having them, members can invite their friends to it.

There are lots of lost souls and teens who need the gospel. Through having these GBS, the chapters can use friendship evangelism. The chapters should really encourage teens to invite their friends to the GBS to hasten the evangelism.

May all teens know the love of Christ. May this gospel spread to the ends of the earth. Let this method of GBS the gospel to spread.