OTM Aims to Raise 1000 Teen Leaders

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As the 7th anniversary of Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) is coming closer, OTM hopes to continuously raise more leaders. OTM wishes for teens who have a strong desire to grow spiritually and to know God’s Word more. As members grow, the hope is that they can become great teen leaders. With the goal of 1000 leaders this year, OTM is working hard to meet the goal..

When teen leaders are raised, they can evangelize their friends to study God’s Word. The teens will learn how to discipline others from a young age. This summer, OTM is planning to have a teen leadership training. Through this time of training, many will be instructed to be great teen leaders. Both online and on-site, teens will be trained to be leaders for their chapters, cities, and countries.

Many teens are willing to be used for a greater purpose, and there is no greater work that can be done than working for the Kingdom of God. So OTM is praying to raise the teen leaders.

May this gospel of Love spread quickly during this period of Lent. May God be glorified through all His people. Let the Holy Spirit burn passionately inside all the people of God.