OTM Chapters to Hold Many Membership Gatherings

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Olivet Teen Mission(OTM) headquarters desires to notify chapters to gather with their members more regularly. As OTM members increase, it is important to plan retreats and other programs to teach and gather teens. Therefore, OTM HQ exhorts its chapters to unite with their members for special membership gatherings.

Chapters must not only teach the word to current members but also remember to spread the gospel to other teens not yet evangelized. OTM members should especially think more actively about evangelism as they grow more in the Word. The members can evangelize their friends to the retreats and other programs. So each chapter should plan more programs and retreats to evangelize to more teens.

So the hope for each chapter is to gather with the members more frequently to plan more Bible Studies. As more teens are being evangelized the chapters should really be ready to plan more activities with the members.

May the resurrected King bring resurrection to all the chapters of OTM. May God pour His Spirit down to all the members.