[OTM Column] Characteristics of Teens: Future Leaders

Teen Discipleship |

Teens will make future leaders of the Kingdom of God. Soon, they will take up the jobs that the generation before them left behind. They will become pastors, leaders, missionaries, and more. Because of this, they should be reshaped to work for God before secularism can get to them. It is OTM’s goal to make this a reality and to work to shape teens to work for the good of God’s glory.

OTM seeks to raise teens within the church before the secular world enters them so that they may be raised and built on the foundation of the Word. Because teens will soon become future leaders in leading God’s Kingdom, the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Teens can become powerful future leaders, having opportunities the generation before them did not. As teens grow into more powerful and knowledgeable leaders, they need to be put on a strong foundation. Teens will grow into leaders, taking upon themselves the Great Commission and seeking to preach the Word to the whole world. As more teens grow into leading positions, the importance of reaching them first and raising them in Christ becomes vital. OTM continually is looking for opportunities to reach teens and bring them into the church so that their talents may be to preach the Good News to other teens.

May OTM find many eager teens and bring them to Christ. May many flock to OTM to be used for God’s Kingdom and to be trained. Please pray for the rescuing of many souls and the faith of these many teens.