[OTM Column] Characteristics of Teens: Innovative and Visionaries

Teen Discipleship |

Teens are a necessity in doing work for God’s Kingdom, not just with their passion and pureness, but also with their innovation and visualization. With characteristics such as these, teens can become a leading force in mass evangelism and work to use their talents for God. Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) hopes to shine light on these traits so that teens may be recognized as leaders in God’s history and so they may be used to shine God’s light.

Teens, being part of the second generation, are innovative, and can adapt easily to the world around them. This is helpful, especially in evangelism, when trying new methods to the ever-changing world around them can really bring about many lost souls meeting God. Teens can tap into their environment and adapt accordingly to the people around them so that they can blend in and make evangelism seem less confrontational. This adaptation can eventually lead to leadership skills, where they can lead movements and others their age. As the world changes, teens can innovate and think of new methods to evangelize.

Teens can not only innovate but be visionaries as well. Teens can shape the way their future looks and pave the way for new ideas and beliefs. If their focus and passion are on God, then their vision for the future is God’s Kingdom: our ultimate goal. Visionaries bring forward change and see this bright future ahead of them in faith. God’s Kingdom is bound to come, and teens, being visionaries, can be the ones to lead in bringing it.

As OTM works to reveal more of these traits, please pray for teens and their work in God’s Kingdom. May they always be leading and adapting so that many lost souls can be guided to God. May the Holy Spirit work through OTM in evangelizing many teens and working with them to raise future leaders and visionaries.