[OTM Column] Characteristics of Teens; Knowledgeable and Skillful

Teen Discipleship |

Teens today are a step ahead of previous generations and will continue to be so. To highlight this and show the power of teens in God’s Kingdom, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) is working to show these traits and put teens at the forefront of building God’s history and working for evangelism around the world.

Teens are more knowledgeable about the current state of the world than their older counterparts, so they are truly a blessing to have. They are smarter and bringers of fresh, new ideas for evangelism. They are more knowledgeable about current trends and interests in the world, and this can be used for evangelism. This valuable plethora of knowledge becomes useful when discussing where the focus of evangelism should be and how many more teens can be brought and raised as future leaders. Our senior pastor has continuously said that teens today are smarter and higher level than the generation before, so OTM wants to take full advantage of this for God’s work. With teens being given this opportunity to work for God through OTM, they can truly shine and discover their talents while providing help for the frontline evangelists.

May the Holy Spirit work through OTM to bring many new teens so that they may be used for God’s Kingdom. Please pray so that they may bring new ideas and ways to mass evangelize so that we can bring about the Kingdom of God one day sooner.