OTM Peru Volunteer Reflects on Mission Trip in Argentina

Testimony |

Recently, Olivet Teen Mission(OTM) Peru volunteer, Nathaly, went on a mission trip to Argentina. She received a lot of grace from it and would like to share them.

“I would like to start by telling you that this trip was a surprise, but it was through the grace of God it become possible.

I am happy for the opportunity to go to Buenos Aires and see a different reality from the one I had been seeing.

While I am here, I began to see some new aspects, but the company of God is still present and has comforted me greatly. At the beginning, it wasn’t easy for me to be in a different country. On the other hand, it was when the promises of God became more realized. In the midst of sadness, it gaves me courage.

I have the desire to continue working with OTM, I have faith that a volunteer can be established in this nation.”